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10 GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Washable Face Wipes, 

Please note that I am out of stock in the mixed bags at the moment.  What I have are the packs shown in the first image.

These come with a GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Bag for storage of your wipes.  Or simply use the bag to keep your wipes together before throwing into the washing machine. 

Each round is 9cm in diameter.  The cotton wash bag is 15 x 15cm.

Created by CaliWoods

Use these as a practical and natural alternative to disposable wipes and cotton balls.  Remove makeup and apply facial products.  Plastic-free and re-usable made easy!


  • Single-use products are always better replaced with reusables
  • Micro-plastics enter our waterways from the washing process.  These wipes are made from organic cotton, not a synthetic material.
  • Cotton is typically one of the most pesticide heavy crops in the textile industry, so certified organic cotton has been used, supporting farmers who are supporting the environment, and in turn protecting their own health.
  • Both the wipes and the bag are biodegradable at their end of life cycle.  Cut them into smaller pieces and add to your home compost.  If you don't have a compost, dig a hole in your garden!
  • No additives like chlorine, bleach, fragrances, parabens or man-made materials have been used.
  • The organic cotton is super soft on your skin, while being durable enough for multiple washing.

CARE: Rinse in cool water until water runs clear (if stained), or soak before machine washing. Reshape while wet if required.  Line dry (sunshine helps to fade stains.) Do not use any fabric softeners or conditioners.  Do not tumble dry. I personally remove makeup stains with Oxygen Bleach (Sodium percarbonate), which is a much safer alternative than chlorine bleach.  I sell the veto. brand online.  Place a teaspoon in with some hot water, soak for a couple of hours, then line dry in the sun!

Made in India

MORE ABOUT CALIWOODS: NZ-owned, certified social enterprise through government organisation Akina, passionate about reducing waste and educating about sustainability in Aotearoa.  A living wage employer.  Your purchase goes toward inspiring others and educating for positive change.

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