Glass Foaming Pump Bottle


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Glass Foaming Pump Bottle

250ml Glass Bottle for Liquid Soap, with FOAMING Pump 

This is different to a normal soap pump bottle in that the foaming mechanism aerates the soap and allows you to mix liquid soap and water in a 50/50 ratio.

This is obviously cheaper, and I find that washing my hands like this saves water too.  The tap doesn't need turning on until you've thoroughly wiped the soap over your hands, so you're only using the tap water to rinse.  

You can fill the bottle with any liquid soap, but a great option is to use Castile Soap (available here).  You can buy this scented with lime and peppermint essential oils, or buy unscented (add or own essential oils or leave unscented).  Read more about this Castile Soap by Be Natural below.

Glass bottle with foaming pump dispenser: $19.90
Foaming Pump Bottle with 1L Peppermint & Lime Castile Soap: $47.90 (Save $5)
Foaming Pump Bottle with 1L Unscented Castile Soap: $44.90 (Save $5)

The Castile soap I sell is pure & natural, and handmade in the Taranaki NZ to a secret family recipe.  Free from toxic chemicals, harsh ingredients, and palm oil. Instead they use organic coconut oil, extra virgin avocado oil, and Taranaki rainwater, making it great to use around those with allergies, babies, and pets.  Can be used head to toe.  Septic tank safe and will not pollute waste systems.   

 The addition of lime and peppermint in the scented version make it naturally antibacterial and anti-microbial.  This is a perfect soap for people working in childcare or in professions which require frequent hand washing.

Read more about the uses and full ingredient list by clicking on each of the 3 Castile soaps I stock..

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