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The tongue scraper is used to remove bacteria and plaque from the tongue surface.  

Use morning and night when you brush your teeth.  

WHY: The tongue is actually the area in the mouth that holds the largest amount of plaque.  Plaque being that white furry feeling consisting of bacteria, skin debris and food particles forming a bio-layer on your tongue.  With talking, swallowing and eating this layer releases bacteria continuously.  The tongue and its debris is also a great source of bad breath.  Cleaning your tongue should be part of your twice daily tooth cleaning routine.

HOW: stick your tongue out.  Gently scrape from the back to the front of the tongue.  Rinse to remove debris between each scrape.  Repeat until you have covered your entire tongue surface.  Wash your tongue scraper using water and soap, dry, and store in a dry covered area.

Packaged in a kraft paper box with soybean oil ink. 

Behind Do Gooder is a dentist located in Nelson, NZ, so you can be assured that this is a dentist-approved product!  Do Gooder are concerned about the plastic waste acquired daily in a dental practice and at home, so they have created a small range of products to help mitigate this issue.  They are also aware of the number of children in our community who don't have a toothbrush.  So, for every bamboo toothbrush they sell, one will be donated to a child who doesn't have one.  This is one of the main reasons I have chosen to stock Do Gooder dental products!

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