Eco Cloth, Large, 2 pack

Good Change


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Made from 70% sustainably forested wood pulp and 30% cotton.  

100% biodegradable and home compostable.
25 x 30 cm (a larger sized cloth than those in the 3-pack, for larger hands or larger jobs).

Multi purpose; wiping benches, dishes, and general cleaning.  No streaks, lint or scratches.

Super absorbent & quick drying.  (Slow-drying cloths, like sponges and thick cotton/microfibre cloths, are more likely to harbour bacteria and smell.)

Washable on the top rack of your dishwasher in a full cycle, or in the washing machine with warm to hot water (no fabric softener).  I find that machine washing retains the colour better than dishwasher cleaning.  Avoid tumble drying. 

Strong and durable.  Use again and again, for 6 - 9 months.  Compost or dig into your garden when it's time to replace them!

Plant based dyes. (The colour will wash off slightly over time.)   

Made in Germany.  Invented in Sweden where they have been used for decades.     
*Did you know that microfibre cloths are synthetic and every time you use them tiny plastic fibres shed from the fabric.  These are small fibres, less than 5 mm in length, invisible to the human eye.  These microplastics pass through our washing machines and the drains from our kitchen sinks.  Because they are so tiny some will pass through the filters at the waste water plants, and from there they enter our ocean where they get eaten by marine life, entering the food chain.  

Good Change is a NZ based company, and part of their philosophy is to protect our planet and be a change for good in the world.  They have certifications for the raw materials and compostability of their cloths.  You can read more about that here.  For every pack of eco cloths sold, they donate a week of clean drinking water to a family in Cambodia.  Good Change are also active members of Mount Maunganui beach clean-up projects.  

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