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SET OF 3 Bulk Bin Bags, includes 108 blank stickers for product codes. 

Size: 18 x 28.5cm
Weight: 20g

For grains, pasta, lentils, seeds, nuts etc.  These are great to keep in your car or near the front door so you never forget! 

Made from premium, sustainably sourced, certified organic, unbleached Indian cotton.  They have double seams and the drawstrings come in really tight. Created by Rethink, a New Zealand company who have been creating sustainable and environmentally conscious products since 2008.

100% biodegradable.

Comes with removable stickers for product codes, (but I simply photograph the product code when in store, so these stickers aren't necessary).

CARE: Gentle machine wash and line dry.  Bags can shrink up to 2.5cm horizontally and 2cm vertically.

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