The over abundance of plastic packaging has become hugely topical.  It's crazy that food and drink packaging gets used for a very short time and then hangs around in landfill for hundreds of years emitting greenhouse gases!  We know that micro-plastics and plastic rubbish in the ocean have devastating effects on our wildlife, affecting us too when it enters the food chain.  While it's impossible to live truly 'zero waste', there are so many ways to adopt a low waste lifestyle.  It's a journey our family is on, and I share the wins via my blog and social posts, to hopefully inspire others and in turn learn from others on the same path. 

I think that sustainable living is being mindful of your footprint; when we throw things away, there really is no 'away'.  There is so much waste in our typical modern society and I believe that moving to a ‘circular economy’ is the way forward. 

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I'm Kim, the creator of The Coastal Cabin.  In 2015 I was feeling overworked, unfulfilled, and yearning for more creativity and work/life balance.  I reduced my workload to make space for something new and started a blog to record my new creative pursuits, but this very quickly evolved into writing about living sustainably.  (Sadly I've lost these early blog posts.)  A couple of years later I started this online store, promoting some of the amazing eco products I’d discovered to support a low waste lifestyle.

My background is in interior design and I’d been noticing the increase in trend-driven cheap homewares, much like ‘fast fashion’, so I developed a small range of cushions and throws from one of the most sustainable fibres available; linen.  My love of relaxed interiors and natural, coastal colours is reflected in this range.  Linen looks and feels better with age, when most other fibres wear out!  Cotton is a natural fibre but a huge amount of water and chemicals are used in its production and processing, impacting the environment and the people involved in creating it, so I try to avoid cotton fibres.    

With sustainable and ethically sourced goods, we not only place objects in our home that tell a story, but we contribute towards a better world.  In a very small way I am trying to do my part.

I live near the beach on the Hibiscus Coast, North Auckland.  I appreciate you stopping by!  Please make contact if you have any feedback, have a question, or are looking for something specific. hello@thecoastalcabin.com

Below are quick links to some of our products.  Enjoy!


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