Nourishing butter for wooden boards and utensils

A few years ago I remember looking at an oversized handmade wooden spoon I'd bought in Thailand back in the '90's.  It is far too big for cooking, so it's simply a decorative piece.  I was thinking it was perhaps time to throw it out - it was a little cracked, dry and almost splintered.  But I googled "restoring wooden spoons", and discovered that there is a really simple way to nourish timber spoons (and boards), using two easily accessible ingredients.  What was I thinking, when considering throwing it out!!

Many recipes ask for mineral oil, but then I discovered that coconut oil also works well.  I believe that virgin coconut oil, (or unrefined, which is the same thing), will have better anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties, so I recommend using this over refined coconut oil.

Pictured below are my boards and a scraper which I sanded back quickly before applying the Board Butter.  You don't need to do this, but it has removed most of the roughened surface.  I then ran them through a dishwasher cycle, dried them thoroughly in the sun, and they were ready for the Board Butter to be applied!

Here's the RECIPE:

Place 2 tbsp of beeswax pellets and 6 tablespoons of unrefined coconut oil in a small glass jar.  (Select the jar you wish to store the Board Butter in, and use this jar to save double-handling the mixture.)  I used an old peanut butter jar.  

Place in a saucepan, and fill 1/3 of the way up the jar with water.  Stir occasionally over a low-medium heat until the beeswax is completely melted.  

Let the mixture cool, then apply a generous layer to your wooden item using a lint-free cloth.  I have an old cotton bandana for this purpose.  Rub into the wood well and let it dry thoroughly. (I have left mine out in the sun on a hot day and been able to put my boards away after an hour or so.  If cooler or wet, obviously the drying time will be longer.)  

If you don't use all of the mixture it should last for several months stored in a cool place.  Mine has actually lasted a few years and not gone rancid!   I'm not sure why, but hopefully yours keeps well too.

I get my beeswax pellets from Pure Nature or Go Native.  They also have coconut oil if you don't already have this at home.

And remember you don't need to sand your boards first - it was just something I decided to do - so this can be a super quick spruce up for your boards and spoons.  I'm sure you'll be impressed!


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