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Making your own cleaners is cheap, easy, and the natural ingredients below are easy to source.  Chemical laden cleaners from the supermarket aren't needed to clean your home and clothing effectively; the DIY recipes I'm providing below are effective too.  I'll get straight into what I use and how. The 5 KEY INGREDIENTS needed: White Vinegar Baking SodaLiquid Castile SoapWashing Soda (Sodium Carbonate and sometimes known as Soda Ash)Oxy Bleach (Sodium Percarbonate) The first 2 ingr...

July 19, 2021


You may be lactose intolerant, improving your gut health, or vegan. Personally, I've battled with minor skin irritations for as long as I can remember, but as I get older they are worsening and these dry flaky patches never go away.  So I'm experimenting with my diet and 8 weeks in, dairy appears to be a major trigger.   But I have a coffee or two each day, and don't want to stop!  I've tried drinking it black but really miss the milk. So I've tried a variety of plant based m...

February 17, 2020


A few years ago I remember looking at an oversized handmade wooden spoon I'd bought in Thailand back in the '90's.  It is far too big for cooking, so it's simply a decorative piece.  I was thinking it was perhaps time to throw it out - it was a little cracked, dry and almost splintered.  But I googled "restoring wooden spoons", and discovered that there is a really simple way to nourish timber spoons (and boards), using two easily accessible ingredients.  What was I thinking,...

January 23, 2020


I love being able to make my own body products.  All my life I've battled with dry skin, and although I've tried to combat this through my diet, I still need a lot of moisturiser and go through so much of the stuff!   In making my own I can afford organic ingredients, I save lots of money compared to buying pre-prepared products, and I can heavily reduce packaging waste by re-using containers.  The following recipe is a more recent discovery and I love it.  The init...

October 24, 2019


Super quick, nutritious, and plastic-free: making crackers at home has become my new norm.    It started last year when I began looking for alternatives to the food we enjoy that has plastic packaging.  Bulk food stores are perfect for all sorts of dry goods, but not crackers, and we typically ate through 2-3 packets each week.  As you'll know, crackers typically sit in a plastic tray or a foil bag, and then have another plastic package over the top.   The first one...

June 20, 2019

Your Ethical Easter Guide

Easter might mean different things to some of us these days - but something all of us enjoy is the chance to overindulge in chocolate. Whether you're buying an egg or three for the kids, or to share with your partner, family or friends, you'll be on the hunt for this delicious stuff over the next week (unless you're already sorted...not me!)...

April 12, 2019


Linen. I love it, mostly in the context of interior furnishings but I’ve also found it to be an incredible fibre to wear.  My linen shorts and tees have been washed over and over, getting better with age. Can you think of another fibre that ages as gracefully as linen? WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO LOVE ABOUT LINEN? Very durable (30% stronger than cotton)High-moisture absorbency (why it is better than cotton for tea towels)Hypo-allergenic and highly breathable (why it makes great clothi...

August 2, 2018


Hi and welcome to my first post.  Actually I began blogging three years ago - almost to the day weirdly enough - as The Coastal Creative.  However now that I have an online store, to keep things tidy I'll blog from here rather than managing two websites.  As a starting point, I scrolled back through my early posts to the one that initially had the most views. As another coincidence this was a year later - almost to the day - and it was titled EASY WAYS TO REDUCE PLASTIC ...

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